Team Task Management App

London, UK
10+ Users
3 Month Build


At Bevl, we firmly believe that every company is stronger working as a coherent team. A team that continually updates each other and can communicate with each other instantly. So when our client approached us with this project, we were very interested.

Their idea was to create a centralised location for all employees to share ideas, plan projects and monitor tasks. But the main focus for this project was team collaboration; having multiple contributors per task and per project.

Where we started

First, we needed to learn how the employees wanted to use the system daily. What do they want to see when they log in? What kind of collaboration are they after? How many projects are usually open at any given time.

After a couple of meetings with a few different project stakeholders, we came up with these bullets:

• Every user can create, view, input and share open projects and tasks. The idea is to create a single point of reference for any project open with the company.

• Every task and project can be assigned to and edited by multiple assigned users.

• Visual progression was essential for a quick and efficient workflow.

• Integration to Slack was a particularly desired feature, so that users may post project updates into specific Slack channels.

Now that we had this clear idea of their requirements, we go to work creating some product mock-ups using the Sketch platform, so that we could visualise our thoughts with our client.

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