Jan 16, 2023

Bevl Becomes n8n Partner, Offering Custom APIs and Integrations

Sam Reis
Director and Developer

This week, Bevl has become a partner of n8n - automation platform that doesn't box you in to an existing framework or structure. We've partnered with n8n to offer our customers greater flexibility with custom-built integrations - meaning we can practically connect anything to anything, all thanks to n8n and the ever-growing list of supported applications.

How we're using n8n

Bevl is, at it's heart, a custom-software provider offering well-designed and well-supported products. n8n is a great fit into our solution offerings - as we're able to connect it with any new application that we build. Self-hosting n8n; we're able to offer cost-effective solutions to small business that would like the conveinence of connected, and integrated, applications.

n8n integrates with all custom software - even yours!

Now that Bevl is an n8n Partner we're able to access support documentation, additional hosting options and more. This helps keep Bevl ahead of the curve in offering customers quick and reliable advice - as well as integrating into our own Bevl Cloud enviornment - a cost effective way of deploying your Claris FileMaker environments.

With Bevl Cloud you can be responsible for your own server administration, we do not prevent access to the FileMaker Server Admin Console. This gives you the option to create your own backup schedules, script schedules and more; giving you control of your own data. Alternativly, we're always at the end of the phone if you need help with anything! 

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