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At Bevl Software, we specialise in equipping businesses with intelligent, custom-developed applications, meticulously designed to refine your operational workflows for ultimate efficiency.

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Discover the Advantages of Partnering with Bevl Software for Your Business

We dedicate ourselves to understanding your organisation inside and out, grasping your workflows, challenges, and day-to-day operations. Armed with this insight, we craft a custom application tailored to your needs, ensuring it's something you'll truly enjoy using.

Custom-built applications

At Bevl, we understand that every client has unique requirements. That's why we specialise in creating completely bespoke applications and experiences, ensuring no two solutions are identical.

Designed for you and no-one else

Bevl tailors and crafts solutions with an exclusive focus on your business needs. Each product is meticulously designed, refined to perfection, and uniquely yours, ensuring a bespoke experience throughout.

Data hosting and management

Whether it's cloud hosting or on-premises setups, we provide comprehensive support for both, ensuring your applications, new and existing, benefit from the finest server-driven experience.

Agile. Ideas to Solutions. Quickly.

Bevl Software crafts bespoke business apps, focusing on evolution with your needs. Using Agile and Continuous Development, we ensure delivery of value and adaptability.

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Design. How Form Meets Function. Beautifully.

At Bevl Software, we prioritise good design in custom development, ensuring intuitive, efficient interfaces. It's not just aesthetics - it's about enhancing user experience, driving productivity, and meeting business needs seamlessly.

Barbers App Case Study

Empowerment. Data at Your Fingertips. Everywhere.

Custom apps for phones and tablets offer tailored solutions that boost efficiency and user engagement. They cater specifically to business needs, ensuring a seamless, intuitive user experience across devices, enhancing productivity and accessibility.

Jewellers Case Study

Value. Empower Your Business. Budget-Friendly Innovation.

Our budget-friendly software solutions prioritise cost-effectiveness without compromising quality. We deliver customised, scalable options that meet your business needs, ensuring you get maximum value and efficiency within your budget constraints.

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Want a Claris FileMaker Server in 15 Minutes?

Select a package that best suits you and your business, fill out your preferences and details - 15 minutes later and, voilà, your new Bevl Cloud server!

Real-life results and revenue

Our customers have reported increased revenue through better system performance. By reducing the time spent on daily-admin our systems, integrating with existing workflows and quick data-deployment we're able to deliver valuable change and perfect existing tasks.

4 hours
Saved time per-employee

"The team at Bevl helped us to define how we work, they got us up and running quickly, and are always available for support when we need them. Without Bevl, our data-management would take twice as long!"

Terry Reis
Director at REIS Chrome
Customer engagement

"It just looks so great! Our customers love building their profile with us on their first visit. It's so simple, but has made such a positive change to how we engage with our customers."

April Hope
Manager at Hitchin Hairdressers

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As always, we take your privacy seriously and never share your data.
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We love our clients and they love us, too

Peter Bracey
Bracey's Accountants

The Bevl Software team has been key in developing Braceys Accountants' custom platform, bringing immediate efficiencies to our practice. Their quick grasp of our goals and practical suggestions make collaboration smooth and effective.

We're grateful for their hard work and look forward to their future contributions to our project!

Agile & Continuous Development at Bevl Software

Embrace the future of software development with Bevl Software's Agile and Continuous Development methodologies. Tailored to keep pace with the ever-changing business landscape.

Seamlessly integrate with your existing applications

At Bevl, choosing custom software doesn’t mean sacrificing connectivity with your essential apps. We offer seamless integration with your preferred services, ensuring full connectivity for your business. If your favourite app isn’t listed, contact us to discuss tailored integration solutions that fit your unique workflow.

Share Your Data with Your Clients. Securely.

Empower your customers by providing access to their data, orders, invoices, and beyond. With a custom-designed portal, make all the information your business stores about your customers readily available to them.

Book a 30 Minute Introduction

Use our instant meeting platform to discuss your next software project. We'll get you booked in at a time that's convenient for you.

As always, we take your privacy seriously and never share your data.

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Our FAQs

Some of our most frequently asked questions from customers.

What is a custom-application?

Custom-applications are software applications that are designed for a specific user or business. This custom software is designed to address specific needs for its users as opposed to more traditional, standard software used by the masses.

What is Claris FileMaker?

Claris FileMaker is business software that allows developers to create a genuinely unique database experience by combining UI (user interface) tools with intelligent data-relationships.

Users must have the Claris FileMaker latform installed on their devices to use our systems.

What software do I need to use a Bevl application?

All systems from Bevl are written using the Claris FileMaker Platform, so you'll need the appropriate licenses to use our software. We can give you a hand with this.

What do you mean Bevl software is customisable?

We mean that we can give you a truly unique experience that is adaptable for your future requirements. Everything in our systems can be updated, changed, built-upon and scaled.

This gives you complete flexibility to focus on your business, and not the limitations of a standard computer system.

Can Bevl integrate with an app that isn't mentioned above?

Our requirements for integrations with other applications are developer-friendly API resources. As long as the other application provider documents their API end-points correctly, we should be good!

However, please get in touch and we can take a closer look at this for you.

What devices are supported by Bevl software?

All devices are supported by our software because it is possible to access our software using your devices web-browser.

However, for the best experience, we recommend iPhone's, iPad's and any desktop computer.

How does Bevl pricing work?

Due to the bespoke nature of all of our systems, we don't offer pricing information on our website. This is because the cost is directly impacted by the amount of functionality and system performance that you require.

Get in touch for more information, and we can start getting to know each other.

Still have unanswered questions? Get in touch.