Inventory & Stock App for Jewellers

London, UK
6+ Users
3 Months Build


Last year, a jeweller in East London contacted us here at Bevl with an inventory and stock management project that they wanted to discuss.

Their idea was to create an iPad application that could be used in the store-front; something that can be used with clients to check current stock levels and prices. The system would also speed up the companies phone enquiries, allowing employees to check the model numbers and descriptions while talking to clients.

Where we started

At Bevl, we are already very familiar with creating a successful inventory and stock management system. So instead of just creating a quick FileMaker system for our client, we spoke to the staff members who would be using the system; to get a feel for any additional features that they might find useful on a day-to-day basis, something that will shorten the tasks within their day.

We constructed the following requirements:

• Capture all required inventory information such as brand, model, cost e.t.c…
• Keep track of current stock levels, and provide quick information on how and where to purchase additional stock.
• Monitor their suppliers and how to purchase stock from their various suppliers.
• Allow staff member to attach notes and document against different inventory items.
• Full system functionality from iPad

Inventory List on iPad, with full system functionality

How we produced their requirements

We started by creating the necessary inventory details and the stock level logic; from there, we discussed how they would like to review particular reports and statistics from this information. After our client was completely satisfied with the logic of the stock area, we took to creating a more visually engaging system and creating some of the requested features by various staff members.

To make sure the staff were happy with the ideas we were coming up with, we scheduled various small on-site demos to chat to them about our thoughts and to get their feedback so far.

The result

After approximately two months of development, we released the final version of the system to our client. They were delighted with the outcome, and how visually engaging the content was for their staff.

Inventory List on MacBook Air

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